Monday, July 11, 2011

Washington State Route 122

On Saturday, July 2, 2011, we drove Washington State Route 122 along the shores of green Mayfield Lake.

RCW 47.17.227
State route No. 122
A state highway to be known as state route number 122 is established as follows:

Beginning at a junction with state route number 12 near Mayfield dam, thence northeasterly and southerly by way of Mayfield to a junction with state route number 12 in Mossyrock.

SR 122 @ US 12 westward
In the tiny community of Silver Creek, our highway begins. This is the western junction of SR 122 with US 12. Doesn't the road look enticing?

SR 122 in Ike Kinswa State Park
After crossing the rolling fields of Silver Creek, SR 122 comes to a cliff. Look! Mayfield Lake lays below us, glittering in the morning sun. We descend the hill and approach the water. A few boats dot the lake, people enjoying the warm Saturday morning. In Ike Kinswa State Park, we cross an arm of the lake and begin winding around the opposing hill. That's where this photo was taken, within the forest, halfway along the route.

SR 122 @ US 12 eastward
Tight between the lake and hill, we emerge from the state park. Through fields and neighborhoods, we cross the lake again and climb away. Soon we're up on the flats again and entering Mossyrock. We return to US 12. Our short journey is over.

A pleasant drive along a lovely lake. It's a state route to serve the state park, but it's one worth visiting.

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