Monday, August 4, 2014

Washington State Route 305

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, we drove Washington State Route 305 from the Seattle waterfront to Vikingland, including a section of sailing so the Vikings would be proud.

RCW 47.17.560
State route No. 305

A state highway to be known as state route number 305 is established as follows:

Beginning at the junction with state route number 519 at the state ferry terminal in Seattle, thence via the state ferry system northwesterly to the state ferry terminal at Bainbridge Island; also

From the state ferry terminal at Bainbridge Island, thence northerly by the most feasible route to the north end of Bainbridge Island, across Agate Pass, thence northwesterly by the most feasible route to a junction with state route number 3 in the vicinity north of Poulsbo.

SR 305 @ Seattle Dock, SR 304, & SR 519
Just a few minutes before boarding time, we arrived at Colman Dock, said "Bainbridge" to the attendant at the gate, and rolled into line. Behind us in the mess of construction reroutes is SR 519. The dock to the left of us is for the Bremerton ferry, SR 304.

SR 305 in Puget Sound
Big boat, plenty of room. Sunny day. We're sailing before I'm aware of it. Fifteen minutes later, we're halfway across Puget Sound, so I take a photo toward Bainbridge Island.

SR 305 @ Bainbridge Island Dock
The captain cuts the engines as we enter Eagle Harbor. We slowly drift across the water toward the dock. This used to be called the Winslow ferry, back before 1991 when Winslow, the city around the dock, annexed the rest of the island and changed the city's name to Bainbridge Island. The MV Wenatchee is so large that I got the urge to run back to my car a lot sooner than most ferries, so that's why this photo is farther out from dock than most of its type. ...And I made it back to my car with plenty of time to spare. Hmph.

SR 305 @ SR 307
Off the boat I drove, through little Winslow and into the forest of Bainbridge Island. It feels like the island incorporated as a city so it could stay rural, if that makes any sense. We cross the Agate Pass bridge, high over the water, and onto the Kitsap Peninsula. Casino!! After a bit farther, Velkommen til Poulsbo! Or rather, welcome the city of Poulsbo but not the old part of town. Here, almost to the end, we have reached the junction with SR 307.

SR 305 @ SR 3
A half mile later, Highway 305 reaches an end at a junction with SR 3. A parachuter spins through the sky above the interchange. Where oh where is he going to land?

And that, as they say, is that.

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